September 18, 2016

What did I learn from Sony Alpha Girlfriends Workshop

Initially I didn't plan to blog about this. But I truly enjoy all the interactive activities there. Also, I wish to document the tips/knowledge that l learnt that day. It is so useful, and now I knew how to shoot to come out with better, prettier photos!

Disclaimer: This is not a professional piece of article to share about the camera knowledge, but what I have learnt on that day. Also, the information here is very specific to Sony Alpha Camera , like where to find the 'white balance' in camera setting and so on. 

September 17, 2016

Ikea Damansara Restaurant & Cafe 2016

Always craving for food, I went to IKEA to hunt for food recently. Why the food in IKEA

1. Always I will bring my friends here when they were not local, because I think this is a place that every people should know. 

2. The food here is healthy, cheaper, and generally delicious. 
(Generally delicious means some of them are really top notch but not all. )

I went here twice this week. So I thought why not I do a review about Food in Ikea? So this post would review on some food in Ikea restaurant and some useful information too. 

August 31, 2016

Tarte is available in Sephora Online!

Great news to all the beauty lovers out there! Do you know that you can know shop in Sephora online?  I always feel so atas to be able to shop in Sephora, and today, Thanks to Sephora, I got to shop on Tarte products!

I didn't know about this brand until Sephora introduce Tarte to me. My first impression on Tarte is so luxurious from the packaging and the quality of the paper used on their packaging and their sleek design on the packeging. Fidgeting through the package, I realised that all Tarte cosmetics are

 cruelty free

Formulated without 
Mineral Oil
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)

I have gotten myself 3 items below!!

July 24, 2016

Ninebot experience + Review @ The Square, One City +

Last Sunday, I was invited to a Ninebot PTD(Personal Transporter Devise) riding experience, and I was so exited about it! Because lazy person like me sometime wish that I can hover/skate instead of walking. There were 3 kinds of different models that was being introduced. 

Top : Ninebot Mini Pro -Rm 3800

Middle: Ninebot P  -Rm 13 800

Bottom: Ninebot One  -Rm 3490

and I have to say my favourite would be the Ninebot Mini  is neither too easy nor too challenging to ride on. .I managed to balance easily. This is due to a balancing technology known as gyro. Gyro is sensitive and will detect any movement through the board and work to balance the board so that it's user can ride smoothly even with zero practical knowledge on balancing. 

I have also included some of the simple fact sheet in the video below. Feel Free to view them! 

I tried Ninebot P (the PTD with handlebar), it is the easiest to ride on. Again, it's due to the gyroscope and sensor plus a handlebar to hold on make it so easy to ride on. It is mainly developed for commercial use. So far, the security guard in Sunway Putra Mall has use this PTD for their patrolling. 

Some of the other facts:
- It isn't waterproof, but water resistance as in it can still function when pass through shallow water puddle. 

- 2-3 hours charing and can perform up to 10 hours depend on the slope and road surfac

If you are keen to know more, here are some of the other details

Also, I found out that there is currently Rm 2999 promotion in Lazada for Ninebot Mini Pro. 

Ninebot Malaysia Official Site

Headed to Ninebot Facebook page for other information.

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