March 5, 2017

A quick tour into Google Office Malaysia

Thanks for Madam Choong for proposing. a bunch of us get to visit Google Office today! Not sure whether Google office is one of the most comfortable office in Malaysia, but it was totally a mind-blowing experience.

We went there to learn about DESIGN THINKING which encourage us to think out of the box. Solve a problem specifically with target users into consideration, and turn it into real action with a lot of possible challenges in our mind. It was very practical , insightful and I hope I can think more critically after this. 

Alright, now let's pictures to do the talk. 

the dining area itself is so insta-worthy! Adorned with Zakka Style of cloths on the cushion which is totally eye catching! 

I actually wanted to upload the photo of me with the signature GOOGLE  fonts at the entrance. But I am still waiting for my friends to pass it to me. In the meanwhile, the rest of the pictures are equally stunning too! 

Found this in Google dining area, I intented to get a chalk and doodle on it. But all i saw is only marker pen everywhere. =( . Never, a logo of my blog is there now. 

A fridge where we can take the drinks whenever we wanted! How cool is that!  Not only that, I watch a video of Google Singapore office previously. 

Apparently, the arrangement of the drinks are also considered here. The most healthiest drink would be at the same height level where we can get it easily by just extending our arm. And the less healthier drinks like carbonated drink would only be reach by bending our body to get it. 

Which somehow actually reflected one of the cultural values, which is user-driven friendly. With everthing with targetted users' consideration in their mind. (Which is also one of the things that we have learnt today! )

One of the 3 meals (breakfast, lunch & high tea) that I had in Google office. This is the breakfast. I still can't believe that fact that Google has a professional chef and a few other kitchen crews just to serve the Google staff. 

Not only that, you can see from finger size of fruits they cut into are so ready to chew. Basically the Google value is reflected from their food size, to their drinks arrangement in fridge, which I was so blown away! 

Alright, enough of food. Let's view their meeting rooms now. Not all the meeting rooms are shown here. According to our speaker of the day, Ms Rahayu Ramli, the interior design here  is to stimulate ideas! 

Guess what? It's call the Nasi Lemak meeting room! 

Brainstorming session just beside the dining area! 

My working desk for 6 hours ~~~  =D 


After that, we were brought to the other side of the Google office which consist of auditorium, A VIP room where the press conference usually held, a mini video arcade with some table games, a platform where you get to sit back and relax. (How I wish I could work here~~~)

The auditorium . 

Alright, end it with a potrait of mine with Zakka wall behind me! 

March 2, 2017

The Premiere of A Dog's Purpose for the launch o f Pawse for a Cause charity carnival #doglover

Harlo! Yours truly has been back in awhile before I go to busy with my work. Went to Premiere of a nice movie "A Dog's Purpose" in conjunction with the launch of a dog charity carnival which would be held on 29th July 2016 at Desa Park City! Dogs' lover attention here.  Make sure you go and support the charity event! You will be thrill to see so much of any other strays and pets with many other activities in a row such as  the galleria, adoption drive, pet fair, free concert, celebrity meet & greet and so on! Click into this link to view more information about the Paws for a Cause Dog Charity Event 

Anyway, back to the movie premiere of A Dog's Purpose. The PR management really made it into a really grand fashion way. How?

Red carpet entrance to welcome the guest, media friends of the Pawse for a Cause.

Feeling like a superstar except that my boyfriend dress in his own WS way.

Registered as usual.

A platform where we get to mingle around, take photo, have some light finger foods, and to know anticipate on the movie while trying to understand what is Pawse for a Cause. Best of all, it took place in Citta Mall, Ara Damansara which is just a stone throw away from my house!

Lovely warm tone.  Welcomed with some light refreshment like canape, fruit tart and sandwich. TAke note on the entrance ticket of the movie! So cute, I turned it into my book mark! I love the ticket design so much! 

There is something unspoken communication , a very miracle yet surreal bond between human and dog. Much more than a loyal, there is something more than it. Hence, I don't understand why sometimes people want to adopt a dog pet, but turn out to be irresponsible and choose to dump them after sometime.I mean if you have financial problem, or time constraint,  you should have at least found a new owner for the pet before you decided to let go of it.

Seema Subash , the founder of Pawse for a Cause gave welcoming speech before the movie started. What I remember the most is that she said that the movie is not as depress , or touchingly weeping kind of sad compare to the movie Hachiko.

“We chose to launch Pawse for a Cause in concert with the premiere of A Dog’s Purpose because the message carried throughout the film deeply resonates with our mission. Speaking to the bond shared between dogs and humans, the movie’s credo strikes a chord with us who ourselves are firm fans of our planet’s furry friends. Animals deserve a good life and we strive to make that a reality for our country’s own,” said Seema Subash, Founder of Pawse for a Cause.

Hence, please support them for their second annual charity carnival take place on 29th July 2017 at Desa Park City. In it's good cause to provoke the appropriate call to action whereby a wider audience comprised of public and corporate donors are led to participate in cash and in kind. The fundraiser target has been set at Rm 100K to be donated for the good cause amongst deserving pet welfare beneficiaries nationwide.

Read the posters below to know more about Pawse for A Cause! Alternatively, you can view the HQ poster here. 

Sign off with a pic of my beh song kawan and me. Hard to get a photo inside cinema hall with lights on you know~~~

Eau Thermale Avene Essential Care Skin Regime

If you are always on the look of some hydration restoring products. You are at the right place. Here, the brand Eau Thermale Avène ur skin with various ingredients! 

Went to Eau Thermale Avène #MoreThanJustWaterLuncheon on the other day, and I brought back a few of the products to review. Basically, it is an essential care skin regime that is one shouldn't skip! 

  Hence, I am going to review on the following products

STEP 1 CLEANSE:  Eau ThermaleAvène Gentle Cleansing Foam  150ml
STEP 2 SOOTHE: Eau ThermaleAvène Thermal Spring Water 50ml,150ml and 200ml 
STEP 3 TONE: Eau ThermaleAvène Gentle Toner 200ml
STEP 4 MOISTURE: Eau ThermaleAvèneHydranceOptimale Light Hydrating Cream 40ml
STEP 5 PROTECT:  Eau ThermaleAvène Day Protector Tinted SPF 30 40ml

Now, shall we? 

STEP 1 CLEANSE:  Eau ThermaleAvène Gentle Cleansing Foam 
Eau Thermale Avène Gentle Cleansing Foam  150ml- RM 95

Before anything, I would like to tell about the design of the cleansing foam. Most of the cleanser in market nowadays used to word "Foam, so when you used any of the FOAM product, you must rub the cleanser of your palms until foam is produced. What I like about this cleansing foam is how convenience it is in terms of usage. 


Simply pump it out, it is already appear in foam without need to rub my palm. This is especially useful when I am too tired, but still have to wash my face and off to sleep. And the thick lather also indicates that the quantity required is less than the usual cleansing foam. 

As easy as 123, cleanse my face effectively with ease. And feeling my face free from any dirt, dust, and oil after that! 

Also, this cleansing form is formulated for normal to combination and sensitive skin. Hence, it would take care of any factors from the sensitive skin!  

STEP 2 SOOTHE: Eau ThermaleAvène Thermal Spring Water 
Eau Thermale Avène Thermal Spring Water 
50ml - Rm 25
150ml - Rm 49
200ml - Rm 69

I literally used this everyday everytime after I bathe for it is really calm and sooth my dry skin If you are looking for a body mist, or facial mist you must useAvèneThermale Spring Water as it really calm your skin down during the hot day! Make sure you leave it on for 2 or 3 mins before dabbing it dry

Dabbing and patting  your skin gently after the spraying to have longer span of soothing and hydration

After one month of usage on daily basis, my 150mlAvèneThermale Spring Water almost used up, would grab it in any drug store during sales. I love AvèneThermaleSpring Water not only it sooth and calm our skin, but also can be use to spray  on facial mask just like how toner does.  

STEP 3 TONE: Eau Thermale Avène Gentle Toner 
Eau Thermale Avène Gentle Toner 200ml - RM89

I literally used this everyday everytime after I bathe for it is really calm and sooth my dry skin If you are looking for a body mist, or facial mist you must use Avène Thermale Spring Water as it really calm your skin down during the hot day! Make sure you leave it on for 2 or 3 mins before dabbing it dry

Dabbing and patting  your skin gently after the spraying to have longer span of soothing and hydration

After one month of usage on daily basis, my 150mlAvèneThermale Spring Water almost used up, would grab it in any drug store during sales. I love Avène ThermaleSpring Water not only it sooth and calm our skin, but also can be use to spray  on facial mask just like how toner does.  

STEP 4 MOISTURE: Eau Thermale Avène Hydrance Optimale Light Hydrating Cream 
Eau Thermale Avène Hydrance Optimale Light Hydrating Cream 40ml  - RM109

  All the products under HydranceOptimale range give intense moisturizing action following the mechanism of eye hydration system. How does it work? 

Our eye is covered by a protective layer of film which keeps the part that exposed to air moist all the timeThis film contains 2 main proteins - LIPOCALINE and MUCINE The protein curb evaporation of tears and encourage even distribution of moisture over the surface of the eyes. 

Eau Thermale Avène Hydrance Optimale range contain LIPOMUCINE and MEIBOSERINE that imitate the natural moisturizing function of our eye film. 

Despite its intense hydration function, it provide fluid andnon greasy emulsion that is so easy to glide off  for applying and feeling soft and hydrated all day long. 

Since I have eczema (though it has subside a lot as I have grown up, but my body constantly need to prevent a flaky dry skin) . For some unknown reason, I have this dry patchy skin on my left elbow and below my left side of neck. Though invisible, but it matters to me. Hence I use both AvèneThermale Spring Water and Hydrance Optimale Light Hydrating cream on both  areas.

Left Elbow
Though the redness is still there, but it has successfully calm my sentive skin, and the dark patchy part has been lighten. I assume that as the skin has gain enough hydration , giving a smooth appearance and so it is easy to wash off the deadskin dark patchy part. 

Same goes to the part of my neck,  calmed the skin down and less fine line, more moisture. 

STEP 5 PROTECT:  Eau ThermaleAvène Day Protector Tinted SPF 30 
Eau ThermaleAvène Day Protector Tinted SPF 30 40ml (Retail price: RM99)

2 in 1.Hydration and sun protection. It comes with a hint of colour, and  surprisingly it blends in with my skin complexion naturally! Upon applying, it even up my skin tone, and I have no worry under the sun because it has SPF 30++. This is my everyday must before I go out, as I tend to skip BB cream if I am rush. However, now I can trust on Eau Thermale Avène Day Protector Tinted SPF 30++ for the sun protection! 

If there must be a favourite list, my utmost favourite would be the Avène Thermale Spring Water, then Eau Thermale Avène Gentle Cleansing Foam  for its thick foam latherer, effectively cleanse and moisture. Then, it would be the Hydrance Optimale Light Hydrating Cream 40mlfor my skin instantly soothed after the application. 

Facebook : @AveneMY

#AveneMalaysia  #MoreThanJustWater  #UnderstandYourSkin

February 11, 2017

Hada Labo New and Improved Lifting & Firming Range Luncheon

Recently , I am so honored to get invitation to the  Hada Labo New and Improved Lifting & Firming Range luncheon at Roofdino Sky Dining Bar Rooftop.

Image courtesy of Circuit Communication

There are basically 6 products in this Hada Labo Lifting & Firming Range. And fret not, will tell more about the product later. 

My first time visit to Roofino Sky Dining Bar Rooftop. Feeling delight because it has a superb natural light for photo-taking!

Coincidentally, both Adeline and me were wearing denim outwear! 

Our luncheon started with the welcoming speech and presentation from the marketing team of Hada Labo. 

Do you know how the brand name 'Hada Labo' came from?
Hada actually means water, and 'Labo' is japanese word for laboratory. Hence, the brand Hada Labo consistently work on the hydration of our skin, primarily with the key ingredients Hyaluronic Acid.

As for the new and improved lifting and firming range that comes in red colour, it consists of 2 key ingredients that are Hydrolyzed Elastin and Hydrolyzed Collagen. The term 'hydrolyzed' here imply that the bigger molecule of elastin and collagen has been broken down into smaller molecule for the easy absorption of the skin.

We were later being shown the importance of coorperation of both elastin and collagen as in the analogy of chopsticks that intertwined together.

As much as collagen(chopstick) is essential to keep the moisture and resilience of the skin. The elastin serve as a bond to withold the collagen like the elastic rubber in the intertwined chopsticks above.

Pretty Rika Jue with her intertwined chopstick.

To summarise, the new & improved range has the following features:
1. Hydrolyzed Elastin and Hydrolysed Collagen work together at epidermis and dermis level of the skin to give skin firmess and elasticity.

2. It infused with Elasgrow and Fermented Soymilk to boost collagen and elastin production that helps improve skin density, to keep skin visibly tighter, firmer and more lifted.

3. It has been upgraded to 4 types of Hyalyronic Acid (HA)- Super HA, Nano HA, HA, and 3D HA for plump and bouncy skin.

Alright, now am going to tell more about the 6 products in this range. The first one is

Lifting & Firming Lotion- Rich RM 67.50 

Lotion is resemble toner here. It is an essential first step after cleansing. The term 'rich' indicates that the lotion is very concentrated and it might not suit those with pimple skin. Gently pat the lotion onto the face until throughly absorbed, then you are done!

Lifting & Firming Milk RM 70.90

A light weight milk that easily penetrates deep into skin to restore youthful radiance and luminosity, leaving skin visibly firmer and smoother. Similarly, gently pat onto face after lotion until thoroughly absorbed. 

Lifting & Firming cream RM 78.00
For those who prefer cream texture over the milk form can opt for this. The velvety cream melts into the skin to provide an intense nourishment to stregnthen and improve the skin youthfulness. Apply evenly on the face and neck area, then you shall witness a visibly lifted, firmer and more luminous skin after awhile. 

Lifting & Firming Wrinkle Care Cream RM 74.90

This wrinkle care cream is like a life saver for me! I need this! Although I am still years younger than 30, but I seriously need this! One thing that I like is that the cream doesn't really sticky. The regular usage of the wrinkle care cream will make our wrinkle on  the face looking finer, smoother and looking younger! Simply dab them onto wrinkle prone areas such as forehead, below eyes and neck before you sleep.

Dab dab dab, please resolve my heavy eye bag issue , please~~

Lifting & Firming Mask RM 52.90
One of my favourite in the range. I constantly need mask to revitalised my skin! This Hada Labo Lifting and Firming mask has 4 serum soked mask enriched with anti-aging ingredients to deeply hydrate the skin and restore the tense skin after a long day. Just like lotion and milk , it is also concentrated in their texture. 

Lifting & Firming Essence RM 89.90

Comes in milky and concentrated form, this essence contains naturally derived Pomegranate extract and Lycopene. Lycopene known t boast 100 times more antioxidant power than Vitamin E that is able to fight the signs of aging and and pollution.

   Also, it is formulated with a technology called High Performance Penetrating & Deep Moisturizing (HPP&DM) Technology to drive moisture deep into skin. For the best result, use after Hada Labo Lifting & Firming Lotion.

Of course, not to be missed the chance of taking photos with some of my fellow blogger friends!

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