August 3, 2017

Food: Pâtissez serving Giant Freak Shake

I was browsing through Fave to look for something nice to savour. I mean looking for something nice to celebrate bf's birthday. And I came across this voucher. Looking into their photos, I am engrossed. Okay la, look so nice, should taste nice also. So I bought the voucher for Rm 19.90 which entitled one big freak shake and one 1 baby shake.  

There are 5 flavours available
Mint Condition
Thai Tea Freak
Caf Friend (espresso shake with caramel)
Muddy Pat (chocolate shake)

among them, Muddy Pat and Pretzella are the most popular one. 

The freak shake is actually a normal flavour shake but creatively curated by slathering with several different toppings. It varies from flavour to flavour. 5 flavours available thus far and we chose Muddy Pat 2.0 for the Freak shake and Thai Tea Shake to be the baby shake.

Muddy Pat 2.0 RM 19.90 
July 30, 2017

Food Review: Pak John Steamboat & BBQ @e curve

Talking about steamboat & bbq. When my Malay colleagues read my blog (previous Korean BBQ buffet posts), they would reply by asking "

wow , where is this? I would like to go."

"Too bad, it's not a halal restaurant" 

But now...This restaurant, Pak John Steamboat & BBQ in e@curve serving halal meal with high quality meat that everyone can drop by! 

Thank you to Mamasan, Tammy from The Butterfly Project Malaysia for having this Butterflies bonding time over steamboat and BBQ. The food other than being VARIETY, they were of the fresh (meat slides) and a quality one! 

July 29, 2017

Top notch Char Siew (BBQ pork) @ Toast & Roast

If you ask me, I feel like Jamie Oliver should come here and try what is the Asian BBQ pork, Char Siew. Because I came without any expectation. My boyfriend suddenly dragged me there since we still have ample time before next agenda. 

Beauty: Althea Matte Box review

Talking about Matte, it is a word that no make up lover would not know. It's been one of the highly used words recently. The first thing that pop up in my mind is Matte lipstick, then matte cushion. But have you wonder why everyone is so cray cray about MATTE?

Contratry to Matte is shimmer, glitter, or glows, glossy  A matte finish product would give you  a colour that distributed evenly, and not glowly. There is no certain which finish is better. But since glitter has been on the limelight for so long, then come the Matte. And if you ask me, I prefer Matte lipstick than the glossy one.

Althea Matte Box, as the name suggests has got everything to exude the power of Matte.

July 19, 2017

Natural scented Shower Gel/Soap for sensitive skin

Noted: THis is not a paid review. But anyway if it's a paid review I will be giving my honest opinion too.

I have almost used up this tube of Esmeria hair conditioner. and I would like to document them before I used it up and throw it away. Because I like the the tea tree oil scent it gives upon application.

Because last time I got it in Travel pack size , so I brought it to camp whenever I have. My friends kept on asking me about the place to get it and the rest of the details. The scent is so rich, and a bit overwhelming. So it's either you like it or dislike. I like the tea-tree oil scent is strong because it create a relaxing ambience. I'm not sure whether it is the organic use of the ingredients that make the conditioner, shower gel exude a strong tea tree oil scent yet it won't sting your nose. You will love it when you try them too. Aside from feeling  relax, it does it job perfectly well without yet it works gently on my sensitive skin.

This is in my top favourite list. Would like to get them if I cant get any better alternatives.
I wish to get
-  Esmeria soothing shower gel, Rm 59.90 for 250ml

My second favourite is this organic body scrub. The aging mark on the sticker label proves that I have used it for some times. Some really long times, haha. It's my second bottle anyway.  The organic scrub is a formulation of coconut oil, citrus , and brown sugar. The brown sugar is a bit rough in texture, but it works really well when blend with the citrus pulp and coconut oil.  

I use it once in a week. Since scrub exfoliating my skin, I apply generously on all over my body. And rub it with my bare hands to "polish" my skin so that my skin will look radiant and feeling smooth, haha. 

I just checked their online facebook page. I not sure if they are still selling it. Cause the latest update is December 2016. But I do recommend you to try this because 

1. I who has senstive skin was happy to use it. 
2. In fact, the coconut oil has make it so gentle to rub on. 
3. It gives a smooth, radiant skin yet hydrating finish (thanks to the coconut oil). 
4. The smells of citrus (you cant smell coconut btw) calm your restless soul. 

The photo above is 125ml and it cost only Rm 35 for 3-6 months usage depends on your frequency of using.

This is also another oil serum that you can apply.  on you face. Biconi Glow Facial Serum. Again it's oily, but it works really really well. because you can see the result. It calm my dry skin in the most organic way. Yeap! It's organic , that's why it suitable for sensitive skin.

It is super pack with all the healthy skin products. A blend of nutrient rich, pure cold pressed oils. Normally what I do is to rub my palms to make it hot. Then pour a drop or two on your heated palm and apply it on your entire face. Sometimes, I used it in my other body area, hands for example because it reduces inflammation.

If you possess a super dry, flaky skin get that irritated easily, this is for you. Though it's written facial serum on the bottle, but you can use it on the other part on your body too. Highly recommended of sensitive skin.

Alright, this shampoo bar from Korea has nothing to do with the sensitive skin. I just pure like it's fizzy orange scent. And it's so convenient to bring whenever you go travel.
You can get it at Althea Korea site here for Rm expensive..... no la, major slash of 61% to only Rm 19.

That's all my favourite and highly recommended shampoo and body gel which is suitable for sensitive dry skin because it intensely hydrate. I hope you like it! Let me know what you think about it after reading, k? 
July 1, 2017

Butterfly 4th Birthday Party Unboxing Birthday Bag

If you have read my post or follow my instagram, you should have known that us have got a bag full of awesome goodies from the birthday party! Thank you so much to Tammy, our mamasan, she is the founder of this beauty blogger community in Malaysia. You can read more about the birthday party here!

So, let's unboxing of what I have gotten inside. I have included the price and the description and will provide links to the products so that you can get them, make them yours if you like them!

June 29, 2017

Wanderlust Things: Unicorn Face Makeup Brushes

Hola!! This purple-ish post will be filled with unicorn-inspired make up brushes from Wanderlust Things! As you might have known, I got this very very girlish, dreamy unicorn Face Makeup Brushes thanks to the Butterfly Project during their 4th Birthday celebration. I even make a video of unboxing what do I have in the goodie bag.

Hence, am going to talk about 2 things in this post.

1. My thought on the make up brushes

2. Wanderlust Things
  (Seriously, their website is so pretty , and selling really wanderlust-y things that you cannot miss! I am even thinking to buy their ice-cream bag or not. Will talk more later. )

June 27, 2017

The Taste of Malaysia @Teluk Intan

Teluk Intan is our hometown. Every year we never fail to celebrate Chinese New year in Teluk Intan instead of our living town. Whenever we go to Teluk Intan, we always go for local delicacies hunting. This include the famous Chu Cheong Fan, Ais Kacang, and Chaw Kuey Tiaw, mainly 3 of them are the most anticipated.

June 26, 2017

Neutrogena's Stylo Fashion Debut with Kittie Yiyi & Hazzer Wan Lee

Have you ever thought about having fashion show in line with a skin care brand?  Neutrogena Happy Skin 24/7 introducing it's fashion collection through the brainchild of  2 aspiring local fashion designer, Kitte Yiyi and Hazzer Wan Lee, because the Happy Skin 24/7 collection interprets the happy mood that one exudes with healthy, great-looking skin. 

June 20, 2017

Orkid Cosmetic Matte Suede Liquid Lipstick

 Hi , lovelies! You will definitely know Orkid Cosmetics if you have been follow my social media updates recently. Recently, I keep on using their lipstick where ever I go. 

I got the lipsticks thanks to the Butterfly Project Malaysia. The founder, Mamasan Tammy included some of the girls favourite for letting us to review on it! and I am so happy to get lipstickssss!

And these Halal matte lipsticks is made in Malaysia. (Speaking with a hint of pride!)

"Orkid Cosmetics is a global trendsetting Halal cosmetic brand for the modern Muslim and conscious women.

We provide affordable high-quality Halal beauty products made fresh from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Keepin it 100%"  

June 18, 2017

The Butterfly Project Malaysia 4th Birthday Unboxing Party

Little did I notice that I have been with The Butterfly Project for 4 years since the beginning. I still remember the first activity that I join was the Travel to Sunway Lost World of Tambun in Ipoh! and I really worked super hard in a the most creative way available to get the a spot on it.

Fast forward to 4-year's today, I am glad that I am still with The Butterfly Project, a Malaysian based beauty blogger community that taking care of their fellow caterpillar, butterflies.

The Butterfly Project founded by a beauty blogger, Tammy Lim who blog responsibly. Throughout the 4 years, The Butterfly Project has organised a lot of blogger events and continue to inspire a lot of the new and existing bloggers.

Blog detox: My current Face & Lips mask collection

Growing up, the first skincare that I knew how to use is cleanser. and the next thing I knew is MASK. ,face mask. I still remember the first mask that I use was the move rave mask from Taiwan, My Beauty Diary. I used if regularly, as more than more variant of masks are coming out. I started to try on them.

Even though up to this day, I already have a consideration of skin care products. Mask still remain essential in my skin care collection. I love to use mask especially when I feel stress, or when I go on vacation. Because it does calm down my skin which get dry as the environment changes. 

 Always bring along the duo whenever I am on vacation. It secures my face and lips.

June 3, 2017

4 reasons to buy Mamonde from 11 street

Inspired by Flowers. One of the brands that I could attuned of, because flowers remind me of fairy tales, remind me about feminine, subtle, elegant and demure. That Korean skincare brand who has Park Shin Hye, the elegant feminine, yet talented Korean actress/a slender figure as brand ambassador.

I am sure you will attuned to this brand if you like floral scent. (Just try their Rose water toner, and I love the rosy scent so much, smell exactly like rose ) Their products stand out for the pleasant floral scent that bring out the feminine in yourself. And the best of all,  you can buy Mamonde products online now!

Previously, Mamonde landed in 5 different locations in Malaysia (AEON 1 Utama, AEON Mid Valley, AEON Bukit Indah, AEON Tebrau City, Johor and AEON Queensbay Mall, Penang); Now, regardless of where do you come from , as long as you are from Malaysia, you can get Mamonde from now!

Without further a due, continue to read on to find out why do you buy Mamonde online now.

May 21, 2017

Beauty Review: Mamonde Long Lasting Liquid Eyeliner

So, today will be about an liquid eyeliner from the recent Korean Brand inspired by Flowers and their ambassador is none other but the famous goddess actoress Park Shin Hye! Alright, I am just going to make this post simple and short.

May 14, 2017

the SAEM The Ham Eyeshadow Palette + Giveaway worth RM 125

Hola! Finally I am back with this Make up post! I always wanted to do some make up post, but the process of having some nice photos is not easy. Firstly, I am not a make up guru, nor am I good esp when it comes to colour. I personally feel like I am not as good as many beauty bloggers when it comes to eye shadow make up (I am weak in blending the colours together). I actually took a series photos make up tutorial, but ended up I decided to use only 6 pics of them, because the outcome is pretty ordinary.

Anyway, I want to talk about this eye shadow palette. When It comes to cosmestic, there are 2 things that I constantly looking for. The first one is eye shadow palette (because it has so many colours to create unlimited looks! ) and lipsticks/lips stain/rouge whatever that give colour to my lips.

I came across this pretty design eye shadow palette from . FYI, I was looking to add in some pinky blush hue, and matte hue into my collection. And this sleek design of eye shadow palette just fulfill whatever I wish!

April 18, 2017

Food review: Korean BBQ House Unlimited refill at only Rm 30

Hola,  it's eating time again! This time it got me a bit hype. I like to have buffet! There is this one Korean BBQ house located in The Strand , Kota Damansara which serve unlimited refilled buffet at only RM 30!!! How could you miss that?

Position at the very T-junction in one of the shoplots @ The Strand Kota Damansara. The parking there is ample as you can see. As the area is not very crowded, it is so convenient to come and just to eat!

April 16, 2017

Outdoor Photoshoot with Eve Wai Kuan

I like this photo so much the moment I saw it then I knew it has to be the first photo of the post! Somehow it just truly embodies of who I am. And with the photographer Eve's reflection inside too! 

Ever since my first photoshoot in Singapore, I continue to look for more chances to have outdoor photoshoot. I like to go outdoor, as it is more lively and refreshing.

Then I have this one friend, whom I know from Buddhist event, she blogs too! I think I actually read her blog before she read mine. Then I was like, OMG, a PHD student reads my blog!!!!  She writing is so classic and timeless. Like how her tagline mentioned "Capture Life" , I esp enjoy reading her column on voices. She will sit down and talk/interview to the person. It's like reading the story of others.  It exudes a feeling of zen, cause the time seems like slow down and I really pay attention into reading every single of her words cause it's so engrossing.

A post shared by Eve (@evewaikuan) on

Then one day, she nudged me, after finding out that I am a blogger. Perhaps we can collaborate together. I suggested a photoshoot, since I like her photography so much! Every time when I looked at her instagram photos, it seems like time is freezed. Very abstract (for me), vintage and pretty.

Now, lets photos do the talking.
Photograph by Evewaikuan

Editting by Evewaikuan & me

I love my denim jacket so much. The embroidery of Disney's characters are so colourful and fairy-liked! My mum gave it to me during when I was back in hometown. I think it's second hand from some of my other relatives. 

The A flare denim skirt was found in a second hand thrift shop near Changi Hospital Singapore. I love that it doesn't only look fine, it has 2 deep pocket big enough to fit the flat smartphone that is really convenient. Since it's a knee above skirt, it flaunts my long legs also. (Not really long, but it motivate me to get a slim thigh)

Denim jacket : Given by mom
Denim A line skirt: A thift shop near Changi Hospital Singapore

The previous sequeal 

Photograph  Eve Wai Kuan 

April 15, 2017

That Dynamic Place

Not to confused my dear reader, this post isn't any OOTD post, nor review nor event. It's just a sequel, one of the 3 themes from the Street Photoshoot. And this time round, the theme is about the constantly moving public transport that you get to see not only the sky high architectures in the bustling city in Malaysia and peek of life of the local from bird eye view -- Light Rail Transit (LRT)

See, my happy face when I got to embark into LRT.

It's a bit sad that I didn't get the skyhigh architecture for the backgroup of my LRT shoot =(. Anyway, I quite like this series of photos.

One of the reason because it make my legs look very long! 

No la, because it is so coincident that the photos here turned out exceptionally good. and it's in my favourite place! 
Toothache expression

When I first came to KL, I always go every where with LRT. I like to observe the people inside. 

How they dress
what are they doing
the view outside,
which station has the moss massive flow
the young one give up their seat to the elderly 
and so on

My favourite of all! Must thanks to the very talent Eve! She really knows what I want!!! 

I want to talk more about Eve, but I will write about her in the next post, the last sequel. 

And the landscape along the journey is magnificient. It's so dynamic , constant changing, it reminds me to always stay enthusiastic & Perform more than speaking. The magnificient view , bustling city, skyhigh buildings are all the results of ACTION. Plan carefully, implement gradually, think positively. even you are not there at the end, you have tried your best, and you will for sure become better whenever you try again next time.

Also, one of the things that I realised recently is Do it with the right direction. 

Hi, Kakak, Nasi Minyak ada tak? 

Til end, next post will be another denim outfit which look effortlessly chic.

Photograph  Eve Wai Kuan 
April 14, 2017

OOTD : Not so grunge in Petaling Street

Have you ever believed that is alter ego (the other side of you) in every human? I don't really believe on that. But I do believe that everyone has a lot of side that he/she wants to bring out. So initially I was trying to act cool, being grunge.

Photography by the very talent pretty lady Eve Wai Kuan, she is my first PHD student! When I first got to know that she read my blog, I was like, OMG a PHD student reads my blog!!
Putting out the tarte comestic dark brown lipstick to act chio.

Photographer : Eve Wai Kuan
Date : 26th February 2017
Venue : Random walkways in the vintage, historic, culturally rich Petaling Street. 

I actually very like the angle of of Eve captured of me. Just that my thigh is fat is a fact, which I couldn't ignore. Motivation to get a slim thigh now! 

Black Chio Tee: Doppleganger 
Pants: From my mom
Sneakers: From Pasarayaku
Hat: From Bangkok Chatuchak 

Beh Song look.

Will break this time for Street Photoshoot into 3 parts as each of them , which I editted later on, has different theme. Stay tuned to my next post.  Photoshoot in LRT. My ever favourite photoshoot spot!!!

Let me know what do you think, okay?