January 2, 2017

Best Collection CANMAKE Tokyo Review

Harlo, my dearest you who are reading this. Look like I will have my first 2017 post with this wonderful beauty review post! Thanks to Butterfly Project Malaysia, I was glad to received this 2016 CANMAKE Best Collection (which is made in Japan! ) as a Christmas present and for review purpose!

Now, are you ready to venture into the world of CANMAKE 
with me? 

This is how the cute pinky packaging looks like. It has 5 popular basic cosmetic to turn you into cute, Japanese-ish make up!Dont you agree from the packaging itself, they are already so kawaii? How about their quality? READ ON if you want to know more!

It has 

I  Stay-on Balm Rouge
II Glow Fleur Cheeks
III Eyelashes Curler 
IV Marshmallow Finish Powder
V Lip Serum 

Canmake Stay-On Balm Rouge

Canmake Stay On Balm Rouge is the first lipstick in my make up collection that has UV protection. So it has 3 in 1 function. Hydrating + Colour + Shiny finish + UV protection. I like that I can apply it without apply a layer of base like lip balm to hydrating my lips, cause the rouge itself already quite hydrating.

The colour pigmentation after first layer of applying. It look so pale here, but I was about to going out that time, and I didn't want to make my make up too heavy. It might look pale here, but the comparison with and without the rouge is quite obvious, which is why I insist to put on one layer of them. You can get a really highly pigmented orange with 3 layers of application onwards.

It might not be as pigmented compare to lipstick (super matte). I guess the reason of this is due to the hydration function that is ...less waxy. Which you can obviously seen from the photo above when compare to lipstick.

Canmake Lip Serum

Other than UV + hydration protection, this lip serum from CANMAKE is ideal to create GLOSSY FINISH. Hence, those who want to people to focus on their sexy pout lips should put this on.

I would use this lip serum to match up with simply natural eye make up to create a natural look with the sexy pouting lips. =D . But it is less long lasting compare to rouge above.

Canmake Eyelashes Curler

This CANMAKE Quick Lash Curler is so convenient when you go on a vacation to substitute the eyelash curler.  However to create a more consistent effect, I would use both of them. The quick lash curler can act as base coat, top coat.

It's main feature is that it can retain our mascara on the eyelash. In other words, it is waterproof, smudgeproof and therefore retain our mascara all day long. In the pic above, I used the lash curler as base coat. But after trial and error, I feel like this should be used as top coat after styling your eyelashes with curler and mascara.

Canmake Marshmallow Finish Powder

The name Marshmallow itself indicates something. It aims to create a sweet look that is light and soft like marshmallow.  And I mad love with their loose powder puff! Not only it is intensely fluffy, you can bend it in anyway you want and still look impeccable!

As for the loose/finish powder, CANMAKE Marshmallow Finish Powder comes in 2 different colour tones. It is either Matte Ochre (MO) or Matte Beige Ochre (MB). I got the MO one, and the main feature that I found out is that it instantly brighten up my skin tone overall. I would apply their finish powder over my face and neck so that my face and neck wont have 2 different skin tone colour.

As the powder is so so so fine, it does conceal any remaining fine pores as well as brighten and even up your overall complexion. I also quite surprise to find it can be easily remove by merely cleanser. 

Canmake Blusher

Let me indulge into the hard-to-resist packaging! Why are you so cute!  Not only the rose, flowers and ribbon pattern are imprint on different shade on them, and it comes with a mini blusher brush. The bristle of the brush is so utterly soft, like the sensation when I applied it on my cheek! The only down side of the brush is that...it is too short for me to hold it firm.

Photo credit to canmake.com

There are 8 different shades of Fleur Cheeks. And mine is the 04 - Strawberry Fleur. Which is basically different hue of pink with some warm and cold colours.  A hues to create the girlish and pinkish cute look with rosy glowing skin!

If you look closely, there is some shiny particle on top it. It meant cater of Asian Skin which girl who stay in hot and humid country might experience oily skin that can cause annoyance. It creates a skin glowing effect yet remain translucence. Also, it has sebum absorbing powder (silica) that is oil absorbent that absorb any excess sebum. 

Not only that, the luster finish of the blusher can be used as eye shadow to create the girly look too!

Overall, I can really feel like this set of 5 items best collection has everything basic included to craft the girlish , innocent look.  I love the 5 hues blusher the most as I can craft different mood using different hue. Once again, special thanks for Butterfly Project Malaysia for providing us the opportunity to review this. and CANMAKE Tokyo for sponsor this awesome 2016 Canmake Best Collection!