August 3, 2017

Food: Pâtissez serving Giant Freak Shake

I was browsing through Fave to look for something nice to savour. I mean looking for something nice to celebrate bf's birthday. And I came across this voucher. Looking into their photos, I am engrossed. Okay la, look so nice, should taste nice also. So I bought the voucher for Rm 19.90 which entitled one big freak shake and one 1 baby shake.  

There are 5 flavours available
Mint Condition
Thai Tea Freak
Caf Friend (espresso shake with caramel)
Muddy Pat (chocolate shake)

among them, Muddy Pat and Pretzella are the most popular one. 

The freak shake is actually a normal flavour shake but creatively curated by slathering with several different toppings. It varies from flavour to flavour. 5 flavours available thus far and we chose Muddy Pat 2.0 for the Freak shake and Thai Tea Shake to be the baby shake.

Muddy Pat 2.0 RM 19.90